Sabtu, 28 Mei 2011

My five trees

Hay hay everyone...Ok, today i'll tell you that i love gardening or planting or wherever it calls as long its related to trees. I grow five trees from a few years. Here there are!!

She is blooming! It's beautiful right? It is an orchid, i  hang it on a guava tree so the sun and the rain can reach it.  Before i hang it, it place near the wall and far from sunny and rains.

Hahaha i have a story for this tree. I love this tree for the first sight (the picture above not the first tree). The 1st tree carried by my grandma to Jakarta when she visiting last year. I feel so shock that time, why must that tree? Then my mom said that i can ask my neighbourhood again who had it. So i ask Mrs. Karni to have it again. Then she gave me a little one so i can grow it. Everyday i watch for it growth, and it's become bigger everyday. Someday the branch broken when it's try to reach the sun. It's like someone have broke it, but i don't know how it could be. I feel angry that time but i thinking a way to save it from naughty hands. I move it inside until it strong enough to placed outside again. And here there are, it's growth well and become strong everday. Go on greeno!!

 I found it this earlier month. It smaller when i found it. It's on the way to grow and i think it's not healhty yet. The green one still pale and it must be have a lovely red on the middle green one when ready to sparkling. So let's wait and see :)

Haaaa it's my surviving tree :D. I fall in love with this tree when i go to my neighbourhood house. Purply has beautiful leaf shape, like a butterfly and purple. With kind a crumbly branch but it stronger than i thought!! Why i call it surviving tree? Because she broke for a several time and always growing again when broke. It's broke cause of mushroom and a naughty hand by "someone somewhere i don't know". She is so cute drooping her leaf when no sunshine and raising it when sunshine come up to. Like sleeping in the night and wake up in the morning. And yeeeeaaah you go girl!!! You are the sunshine and flying your wings everyday. 

 This tree name is Gelombang Cinta. It's have a glorious time in the past. Someday i attending a wedding party, it's Mba Deni from The Monophones and Mas Koko' wedding. They give a sprout for the souvenir, with a can pottery(the pot looks like a bucket and it's so cute). They said that it's a gelombang cinta sprout. Hahahay i grow it and here there are, it's growing well ;D

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