Senin, 26 Desember 2011

Retro looks or Jazzy voice lover

A singer with retro looks or jazzy voice? I always love it!

1. Zooey Deschanel. First time i saw her at 500 days of summer, i like the movies and enjoy it. Especially her style in that movies, i wondering that did she wearing in that style daily? And yeppp she did :). Then i know that she is a singer in She & Him! Wooow that was awesome!!!Love her style and voice. She have a strong character as an entertainer :)

2. Meaghan Smith, i found her videos on youtube singing 500 days of summer theme song "Here Comes Your Man" then i fall in love.
You can check her at

You can check her videos at youtube :)
Here Comes Your Man --->
A Little Love ---> 
Enjoy :D

3. Regina Spektor. Unique voices, absolutely. Searching her further after hearing "Us" in 500 days of summer movies, again :P. Love her song, she is a great singer and song writer ;)

 4. Feist.  She is Canadian singer and songwriter."La meme histoire", in love with this song, it's a cozy and convenience song..It's a soundtrack for J'et aime movies. She have jazzy voices style and i love it.
Her song "Mushaboom" colaborated with Postal Service sounds great, it's my fav!!
check at --->

Her contribution at my favourite band makes the song perfect for me,,maybe for all King Of Convenience fans too :P..It is Riot On Empty Street albums-"The Build Up" and "Know How" song.
The Build Up --->
Know How --->