Kamis, 21 Juli 2011

This July

Okay,,long time no see...Let me tell you what i did this month..I met lot of family numbers because ths July two of my cousin get married. Yuppps they are married. One is my uncle son, it's from my mom's family held on Jogja. The other is my auntie daughter from my Dad's family held on TMII Jakarta. It's interesting, surprising, and full of happiness.Let me tell you with pics. Enjoy...

The Jogja

Midodareni night with sisterhood

The groom (my cousin)

 The groom's sister

(from left) My mom, me in handmade black kebaya, my sister, the far family from Jakarta, my dad. So rare to seeing them in Jogja...

The Jakarta
The new generations

Me (left) my sister and Mba Nana

 Here are my sister, mom and my family from South Sumatra

Yuup my favourite sistaa, Sis Niken and Sis Siti

Here are d'bride sister, mom and brother

Yuuup here are the groom and the bride (my cousin)

Minggu, 10 Juli 2011